Curved garden for entertaining

Curved Garden for entertaining

The Brief and my Design

The idea with this design in Old Sodbury near Bristol was to create a garden where the client could entertain friends as well as having a low maintenance garden that would be full of colour. There was also a need for a second seating area within the garden, somewhere to enjoy a morning coffee and views back across the garden. I decided to re-shape the lawn and create a contemporary, clean feel to the design that complemented the interior of the house. Privacy along the boundary was also very important; I used pleached trees (imagine a hedge on stilts) to solve this problem. Lighting was also used in the scheme so that the client could entertain into the evening.

A slatted fence was constructed to provide effective screening of the oil tank as well as appropriate planting which will  create an attractive view from the house.

Tall elegant planters were used to give the patio a clean modern feel.

I planted a variety of Alliums in the garden. Even when their colour has finished, they still provide beautiful shapes particularly against a dark background

The side return needed re-designing as this would be the main entrance to the garden from the front of the house. I designed stepping stones through slate chippings that matched the main terrace

The Garden before! An old concrete patio, gravel that spilled everywhere and an apple tree in the lawn. The space wasn’t very attractive to look at and there wasn’t much room for entertaining!