Garden for Barn conversion and beauty salon

Garden for a Barn conversion and beauty salon

The Brief and my Design

The clients were in the process of converting a barn on the property for themselves and 2 young daughters to move into. They wanted a Garden designed for the whole property including the barn, the holiday cottage they were living in as well as the new beauty salon that had been built on site. The brief was to provide parking for the clients, as well as customers for the salon. It also needed to have a large terrace area for entertaining and privacy from the neighbours was also required.

Because the barn conversion is a big project it was decided that the garden should be implemented in different stages. A design was completed for the entire plot but areas had to provide flexibility due to decisions that needed to be made on the barn extension. 

It was decided to concentrate on the area immediately surrounding the salon. This made the most sense as it meant that customers visiting the salon wouldn’t feel they’d walked into a building site!

Here you can see that work around the salon has started with a beautiful cedar fence

Stepping stones through gravel and low planting to form an evergreen carpet will wrap around the beauty salon.




Here is a view down the garden, a second seating area will be added on the right and a mown lawn path with lead to a wild flower meadow area and orchard



If a project is quite big in can be carried out in different stages over a period of time. With a garden being built in different phases it means that budget can also be spread out over time if necessary. 


As you can see there is still a way to go on this one yet….