Cyprus contemporary garden with views

Cyprus contemporary garden and views

The Brief and my Design

The client to this property wanted a re-design of certain areas so that the garden complemented the modern house but sat well in it’s surroundings. The problem was that the developers had placed the pool and the sitting area very close to the house, it felt a little cramped and the sitting area was used for both dining and relaxing. 

What was needed was a separate area for relaxing and enjoying the early evening, as well as providing an area that had shelter from the afternoon sun

The property itself had a very large terrace area above the lounge and dining room. This offered fabulous views across the hills, but was not being utilised. This was an area that felt quite exposed so careful design was needed to make the space feel more intimate.

 By placing modern glass balustrading around the perimeter and using large planters another Garden room was created. Placing a hot tub in the area allowed the clients to enjoy the views well into the winter evenings…when it does actually get cold!

By adding a second seating area at the bottom of the garden this solved the problem. A parasol was included in the new garden furniture that offered respite from the sun if the clients fancied a quiet spot for reading.